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Die Storage and Small Stamping

Die Storage

Die StorageIn addition to our ability to craft the finest custom-made dies, American Tool & Die’s small die storage area boasts 2,800 sq. ft. of die storage and holds on-site over 650 dies and die components – many adhering to a multitude of existing, standard industry specs and configurations.

Small Stamping Operation

Small Metal Stamping OperationWhen it comes to special, metal and alloy parts production “one size doesn’t fit all.” At American Tool & Die, we answer the uniqueness of our customers’ product needs with a diversity of services and solutions.

Our Small Stamping operation performs a wide array of scaled-down metal, brass, copper, plastics, composites and aluminum product formations using various tonnage punch-presses as well as manual Diacro presses, turret press (with a work envelope of 30″ x 40″), drill presses, manual notchers, shears, brake presses, multi-spindle drill presses, rotary and vibratory deburring equipment as well as heat treating capabilities, which includes a drop bottom quench furnace for heat treating aluminum and other alloy materials.

We are aerospace compliant and ready to provide a turn-key plan to tackle your small and short or long run stamping projects.

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